Writing a journal cover letter

As we explained above, failure to include required statements will lead to automatic rejection. Your profession is probably part of your identity. Writer Person is a truck driver living in Modesto.

In the case of Fiction Attic, I am listed on the About page as the editor, and there is also a list of readers. Briefly state what you do. Why does a good cover letter matter? The writer uses a phrase that is a common courtesy of professional letters in any industry: So, there you have it: You can include copies of those works.

This is not only courteous; it also indicates that the writer has done his homework, understands the world of literary magazines, and knows that most stories are submitted to multiple publications before they are accepted.

Short list of similar articles previously published by journal List of relevant works by you or your co-authors that have been previously published or are under consideration by other journals.

Do you write flash fiction?

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter

If the letter is unprofessional, on the other hand, editors will approach the story warily, expecting it to be as poorly executed as the letter.

It offers a unique perspective on mental illness and will be sure to wow your readers. If you have a contact with one of the readers, address the letter to that person. I appreciate all the time and attention my work receives.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Literary Journal Submission

What you should NOT do: Whether you have zero publications to your name or an impressive bibliography, if your cover letter is professional, most editors will eagerly set the letter aside and begin reading the story.

In the bio, the writer names three publications in which his work has appeared and is forthcoming. And just one more: What should I include in a cover letter? He is working on an MA, which means he is a serious reader and writer. This is a simultaneous submission.The cover letter accompanying your journal submission is your chance to lobby on behalf of your manuscript.

The letter is far from just a formality and should be written with the same care as your manuscript’s text (if not more). Why you shouldn’t try to “stand out” in your cover letter. Homepage. Follow. Sign How to Write a Cover Letter for a Literary Journal Submission.

Literary Journal Submissions By: Brian A. Klems | August 30, To submit your latest short story, essay or poem, you’ll need a cover letter—which is. A well-written cover letter for journal submission can influence an editor's decision of publishing the manuscript by giving him a concise understanding of the objectives of the research conducted.

Writing a cover letter.

Literary Journal Submissions 101

When you submit your article to a journal, you often need to include a cover letter. Before you start to write though, check the instructions for authors (IFAs) of your chosen journal, as not all journals require a cover letter.

How To Write a Journal Article Submission Cover Letter Posted on April 26, by Karen Kelsky Today’s post is a special request post for several clients who have written to inquire how to write a cover letter for the submission of an article manuscript to a journal.

Writing a journal cover letter
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