Women of the 1930s essay

The change from house to workforce gave women financial independence and made them more open-minded and free thinking. By studying feminine, middlebrow texts during pivotal moments in Canadian history, it is possible to understand the values, beliefs, and desires of women who are otherwise excluded from the patriarchal canon.

But although women were working, they were working for half the pay men received and society frowned upon women who did not stay as a mother and housekeeper.

U of Alberta, Their new clothing choice was controversial and their habits created a new set of social values and norms. There interwar period did not have laws in place to protect Canadian content, meaning that the Canadian fiction market was flooded by American stories Kuttainen, The naming contest allowed Chatelaine to establish itself as a magazine that was not only written for women, but represented Canadian women as well.

The magazine included columns written by feminists and traditionalists, often depicting both sides of highly debateable arguments. That signifies that between the two World Wars, Canadians began to see themselves as a nation separate from Britain. While Chatelaine was not racist, it avoided depicting non-white people or non-English speaking individuals.

Women 1930s Essay

Once the soldiers went to fight in the War, women decided to do the jobs left empty by the men who went to serve. The magazines could be bought individually and were often shared between friends, neighbours, parishes, and schools, making them even more economical purchases Sanders January, 4.

Magazines, Travel, and Middlebrow Culture. Regionalism, nationalism, and assimilation were essential themes in interwar short stories, showing how the readership wanted to unify as a nation and become independent from Britain and the USA.

Editors encouraged women to critically evaluate ads in order to be better consumers and Canadian citizens. Depictions of immigrants were always of European origin and the stories always encouraged assimilation as a means of building stronger communities and becoming a successful Canadian.

English Studies in Canada The older generations were more than a little confused by the lifestyles of the new, young and restless ladies. Once World War One started, women had to fill the jobs left empty by the men who went to serve in the army.

The tradition remained that women chose family and home over career and work. Chatelaine proudly claimed that their readership had directly influenced the type of ad that ran in their magazine by asking, through letters to the editor, for more informative, less sensationalistic advertisements Smith, — In turn, these communities of assimilated immigrants became part of the newly formed Canadian nation.

In response to this, readers demanded that Canadian magazines focussed on Canadian content Karr, Women in the s Women of are remembered as “new woman”. Many changes enter in women’s life in this decade. Many changes enter in women’s life in this decade. Significant changes for women took place in politics, the home, the workplace, and in.

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Essays & Papers Women s - Paper Example Women s Women of the s 22/09/12 Of mice and men topic Back in the women were known as second class citizens - Women s introduction. The Role of Women in The 's Essay.

Essay: Chatelaine Women in the 1930s

Words 6 Pages. Up until the s, women’s struggle for their right to vote seemed to be a futile one. They had been fighting for their suffrage for a long time, starting numerous women's rights movements and abolitionist activists groups to achieve their goal. “The campaign for women’s suffrage.

s Women Essay. Hailey Harris 11/11/12 US History ’s Women Some traditional roles of women were cleaning, cooking, and taking care of their children. They would be courted by men for marriage and would live under the success of their husbands. During the ’s, flappers began to change this stereotype.

Bywomen learning prospects had improved drastically.

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There were additional schools for girls and most colleges could also admit women for advanced courses. By .

Women of the 1930s essay
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