Up the coulee

Leaving his valise at the gate, he entered and walked up to the old man, who had finished pumping and was about to go to feed the hogs. Most of them were in compromise dress--something lying between working "rig" and Sunday dress.

His hair was uncombed, merely pushed away from his face. Howard could not speak. An old man was pumping water at the well; the pigs were squealing from a pen nearby; a child was crying. He knew too well these suggestions of despair and bitterness.

Discontented and yet hardly daring to acknowledge it; indeed, few of them could have made definite statement of their dissatisfaction. And worst of all, underneath it was a consciousness that Grant was right in distrusting him.

Outside he could hear the bees humming. He went to the windows and looked out on the yard to see how much it had changed. They were in the midst of talk, Howard telling one of his funny stories, when a wagon clattered up to the door and merry voices called loudly: There were no books, no music, and only a few newspapers in sight--a bare, blank, cold, drab- colored shelter from the rain, not a home.

What a job it ust to be. Grant had come in from his work, and with his feet released from his chafing boots, in his wet shirt and milk-splashed overalls, sat at the kitchen table reading a newspaper which he held close to a small kerosene lamp. But not alone that--I see in the plains the smoke of the tired horses at the plough, or, on a stony-hearted spot of ground, a back-broken man trying to raise himself upright for a moment to breathe.

Up The Coulee

He turned sick with disgust and despair, and would have closed his trunk without showing any of the presents, only for the childish expectancy of his mother and Laura.

It fell around the house drearily.

It must have been that summer I went with Rob Mannmg to Europe. Most all the boys have gone West. His heart shrank and quivered, and the tears started to his eyes. Her head was intellectual, her eyes full of power. And yet he knew this was a mood, and that in a few hours the love and the habit of life would come back upon him and upon them; that he would go back to the city in a few days; that these people would live on and make the best of it.

He leaped the brook, crossed the flat, and began searching in the bushes on the hillside. He had always been "smooth-spoken," and he had become "elegantly persuasive," as his friends said of him, and it was a large factor in his success.

His eyes softened; he took off his hat. Grant growled something, without looking up. If be had said in conventional phrase, sitting there in his soft clothing, "We must make the best of it all," the woman could justly have thrown the dishcloth in his face.

Howard felt a ridiculous weakness in his legs as he stepped out upon the broiling hot splintery planks of the station and faced the few idlers lounging about. Again he saw his life, so rich, so bright, so free, set over against the routine life in the little low kitchen, the barren sitting room, and this still more horrible barn.

Howard sat down next to his mother, and facing the wife, who had a small, fretful child in her arms. To buy back the old farm? She spoke again, very gently, in reproof: The women especially spent a good deal of talk upon them.

He simply pushed them to one side and went on with his reading. A few minutes later and the train drew up at the grimy little station set in at the hillside, and, giving him just time to leap off, plunged on again toward the West.

He walked Up the coulee the door, stood a moment, came back. They were hungry for the world, for art--these young people.Sometimes inspiration springs from more than one source. Such was the case with this painting titled, Up The Coulee.

I worked on this during a recent Watercolor Workshop taught by landscape artist, Alison Montgomery. What made you want to look up coulee? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

Show Comments Hide Comments. Over + teams representing 20 clubs from 5 states participated in the Coulee Cup! Overall we consider that to be a great success and we look forward to growing the game and growing the Coulee Cup in !

I "Keep the main-travelled road up the coulee–it’s the second house after crossin’ the crick. "THE ride from Milwaukee to the Mississippi is a.

Reconciliation In "Up the Coulee," Hamlin Garland depicts what occurs when Howard McLane is away for an extended period of time and begins to neglect his family. In “Up the Coulee,” Hamlin Garland depicts what occurs when Howard McLane is away for an extended period of time and begins to neglect his family.

Howard’s family members are offended by the negligence. Although his neglect causes his brother, Grant McLane, to resent him, Garland shows that.

Up the coulee
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