The visitor

She is now bald and cleansed of her malice, and the film ends with her smiling and embracing Colsowicz who insists that children are not to be harmed.

Colsowicz, who possess powers similar to Katy, is sent to The visitor by the Christ-like figure with several of his disciples, where at first they survey her from a distance. Raymond is in league with a secret cabal of Satanists who wish to bring about the resurgence of Zatteen.

Before they can succeed, Colsowicz intervenes and summons an army of birds that thwart Katy and kill Raymond. Raymond fails to seduce Barbara, and the Satanists decide to proceed with other, more violent methods. Sam Collins Sam Peckinpahabort the baby.

Since Raymond is a new owner and the source of his wealth is unknown, the interviewer presses him on the source of his The visitor.

He reveals that he has brought Katy with him. The figure tells his disciples that before his death, Zatteen had produced dozens of children with human women, and these descendants continue to populate the Earth.

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Barbara is inadvertently paralyzed by a gunshot woundand becomes relegated to a wheelchair. A police detective, Jake Durham Glenn Fordinvestigating the deaths is killed in a car accident facilitated by the Satanists. Plot[ edit ] In an enigmatic, alien landscape, Jerzy Colsowicz John Huston experiences a vision of a powerful and destructive storm brought about a young human girl.

Zatteen escaped to the planet Earth centuries ago, and though he was eventually tracked down and killed by Yahweh, his spirit lives on in the minds of mankindwaiting for an opportunity to reemerge and wreak havoc. His colleague, an enigmatic Christ -like figure Franco Nerotells his bald pupils about the centuries-long cosmic conflict between Zatteen, an evil inter-spatial force of immense magnitude with powerful psychic abilities, and his benevolent arch-rival Yahweh.

Colsowicz returns to the Christ-like figure and his apostles. Katy begins using her powers to facilitate the Satanists goals, causing a series of fatal accidents to happen to their enemies.

During a professional basketball game at The Omni in Atlantahome team owner Raymond Armstead Lance Henriksensits courtside and promises an interviewer that the team will win at all costs.

He eventually answers that the money comes "from God". When she returns home, she is attacked for her actions by Raymond and Katy, who attempt to execute her by tying a wire around her neck and sending her down the stairs in her chair lift.Feb 03,  · BLOODY BRUTAL FUN!!

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The Visitor

Cancel Unsubscribe. Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 21M. The Visitor, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Guide an alien parasite through it's new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure.

WARNING: Not for the faint of 86%(K). Play the The Visitor 2 game online for free! 'The Visitor 2' is the bloody counter strike against the Xmas program. Eat other life forms to gain their abilities and start a 'Massacre At Camp Happy'!/5(17). Guide an alien parasite through it's new earthly surroundings in this interactive horror adventure.

The Visitor is alien and comes from a strange world. He seems to be harmless and looks like a tiny worm, but he came to conquer the Earth. Help him to grow and to become stronger, by eating all living creutures on the planet. Start with the small ones, like insects, birds or fish%(K).

Free business-day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon/5(26). The Visitor is a Italian-American science fiction horror film directed by Giulio Paradisi (credited as Michael J.

Paradise) and based on a story by the Egypt-born Italian writer and producer Ovidio G. many of its contemporaries, it features a cast of well-established stars including John Huston, Shelley Winters, Mel Ferrer, Glenn Ford and Sam Peckinpah with supporting.

The visitor
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