The smile factory essay

The employees are also constantly monitored whether they be on stage, back stage and sometimes off stage. Using such tactics the employees are managed emotionally as well Van Maanen They also understand that it is an act and so they must keep up appearances until they are off stage.

They are trained on what is considered appropriate and what is not. However, there are other un-uniformed upper level supervisors who pose as guests in a bid to catch the workers doing the wrong thing.

The threat of dismissal is also always hovering over their heads as well in the event that they are caught on the wrong side of Disney law.

It begins in training where they are informed over and over again what their position is in the park and how to behave at all times. The employees are taught to be polite in all circumstances. This culture includes the fact the Disneyland is a world fantasies.

Another way that Disney controls its workers is by portraying an image of them as ever smiling and willing to help such that the guests will point out an employee who is not living up to the image. Employee or cast member behavior is closely monitored and controlled at Disney.

One can only wait with bated breath to see what the world of dreams will come up with next. The tour guides whose uniform had previously been the equivalent of haute couture within the park lobbied to get them better covered by having their hemline lowered and the neckline lifted Van Maanen 4.

They too, like the guests must forget the cares of the real world and take on whatever role they are given. Disney reinforces this with language in the workplace.

They can be spotted in their white short sleeved shirts and walkie talkies. These uniforms also signify rank with many of the employees fighting to go higher up the ranks in order to have a better uniform.

Work at Disney Land. Disney has achieved a monumental task of ingraining its corporate culture, values and standards in the thousands of individuals who come together to make the dream work.

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The Smile Factory Essay

There is no room for imagination as all that has already been done for them. All this is enforced by supervisors who are always on the look out for such behavior. Additionally, initial training programs as well as continuous training programs are a must have in order to teach and reinforce the culture of Disney Van Maanen In order to teach and enforce its culture, Disney ensures that each person working there goes through Disney University where they are taught the values, beliefs and culture of Disney.

Retrieved March 24, Using glances, hints, tactless or tactful cues and glares, the guests quickly let the cast member know he or she is letting them down and not living up to the set image Van Maanen 9.

The world of Disney may be a great place for visitors and even workers, but to create such an atmosphere takes strict discipline and having a team of employees that buy into the vision and are willing to carry it out. Perhaps the most notable surveillance they endure is that of the guests who are a constant reminder that the act must go on.

By these uniforms, the employees identity is given to them. They are also made to understand that they are also a part of what Disney is selling and because of that they forfeit their own feelings and prejudices so that they can appear dedicated and enthusiastic about the work they are doing.

The officials at Disney land also make inquiries albeit periodically on their personal habits in regards to narcotics abuse as well as sexual behavior Van Maanen Because of this, they are considered tricksters and sneaks by those they are supervising Van Maanen 9.

The said supervisors will hide in blind spots which may include bushes in a bid to ensure that the work is carried out as it should.The Smile Factory Essay Disneyland is a world of fantasies where people go to have fun and get lost in a world of fairytales.

The ‘happiest place on earth’ opened to the public on July 17th, (“Disneyland Timeline”).

Team Case# 1- The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland Disney has developed an intricate model of organizing its theme parks.

This model requires thousands of employees to abide by standards set by company executives and theme-park trainers. The Disneyland, it’s like a factory associated with standard procedure to provide a wonderful journey to its customers through different product lines.

Analysis: 1. A cursory glance of “The Smile Factory” can lead one to believe that author John Van Maanen is applying scathing criticism towards the Walt Disney Company and their amusement parks.

From a friendly smile to a more romantic smile, there are many different smiles and different ways the act of smiling can be done. “Smiles can communicate feelings as different as love or contempt, pride or submission, flirtatiousness or polite tolerance.”[4] The act of smiling may often be induced by showing kindness.

In “Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland”, by John Van Maanen, Disneyland is a great example of a bureaucracy – with its division of labor and hierarchical structure.

There are set guidelines regarding authority.

The smile factory essay
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