The outsiders the socs are more

Along with Cherry, Randy humanizes the Socs by showing that some of them have redeeming qualities. Three Curtis brothers struggle to stay together. Marcia and Two-Bit had the same personality and were getting along real well. As they are handing the kids outside to Dally, the burning roof collapses.

The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider. Afterward, Pony and Dally hurry back to the hospital to see Johnny, but he dies moments later and a maniacal Dally runs out of the room.

The Outsiders

They lived on the West Side. When the Greasers and the Socs were going to have a rumble Cherry spied on the Socs for the Greasers. The oldest of the Curtis brothers, 20 years old, who has been caring for his brothers since their parents died in a car crash. Dally is overcome with grief, and he robs a grocery store.

The police chase Dally to the lot, and as the gang watches, Dally pulls a "black object" from his waistband and the officers shoot him. Read an in-depth analysis of Cherry Valance.

Ponyboy and Cherry have a great deal in common, and Ponyboy feels comfortable talking to her. The unofficial leader of the greasers, he becomes an authority figure for Ponyboy. Strong, athletic, and intelligent, Darry has quit school.

Her boyfriend was Randy. Randy shows Pony that Socs are just like Greasers and have just as many problems as Greasers do. As the greasers gather together at the vacant lot, Pony compares the other greasers to his own gang. Johnny is dying and is not impressed that the greasers won the rumble: They got everything they wanted, but had to be cool.

They find out that the Socs have it just as rough as they do.

The Outsiders Quotes

Ponyboy decides to write his English assignment about the recent events, and begins his essay with the opening line of the novel: Thanks to Dally, the police think that the boys are headed for Texas. She said that Socs were cool to the point of not feeling anything.In S.E.

Hinton’s novel, ‘The Outsiders’ the Socs were more of a disgrace and menace to society than the Greasers because they knew that they were better off than the Greasers and they used that against them. The Socs were always getting drunk and looking for fights with greasers.

The Greasers always thought that the Socs had it better than them, but they find out that the Socs are cool to the point of not feeling anything. When the Socs gather, Darry steps forward and says, "I'll take on anyone." One Soc steps forward and says hello to him.

It is a former buddy, one who is now in college, while Darry has to work for a living. Mar 25,  · Watch video · Tom Cruise Left Hollywood for a More Private Life and We Can't Blame Him 26 July The Outsiders () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

Use the HTML below. The greasers are too well-groomed and clean and the socs are a too one-dimensional/10(K). Get an answer for 'How are the Socs more of a disgrace and menace to society than the greasers in The Outsiders?' and find homework help for other The Outsiders questions at.

The conflict between Socs and Greasers is introduced in Chapter 1, and escalates throughout the book. The Greasers are "poorer than the Socs and the middle class almost like hoods; we steal things and rive old souped-up cars and hold up gas stations and have a gang fight once in a while." In.

The outsiders the socs are more
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