The axemakers gift chapter 10

I was dumbfounded by the wide and unexpected turns of our great past discoveries and inventions By Amazon Customer on May 18, This should be a must read for all college students.

Also if you are looking for what you can do locally in your community or society as a whole there is nothing for you. Mr Burke stick with history. Starts in primate prehistory and reaches for a total explanation.

Technology can work for us if we seek the wholeness of life. What starts out as an excellent outline of prehistoric human development devolves into a meandering, unrealistic plea for changing human behavior.

It was published by G. So religion might have only been accessible to literate monks, who can preach to masses of people, but once there is a printing press, it now becomes possible for anyone to have a bible and become further directed by church teachings.

Everyone should read it. Analogous to having a certain innate talent in an activity, often causes additional practice which then compounds to faster increase in total skill. An interesting book, and worth the The axemakers gift chapter 10.

However, as an organization religion, state tries to control the thought through documents, they then have to face opposition who can use the same medium to sway audience simultaneously. The postulate is that technology is a double edged sword, or rather an axe, and for every problem technology solves, the problem was, in the first place, created by technology itself, and the the solution often is to introduce new, and even more harmful technology.

The Axemaker continues to hone a double edge of hope and hurt. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Textbook examples include how the invention of the telescope and the printing press gave rise to discoveries and social trends that weakened the authority of Rome through a revision of cosmology and the spread of literacy, and how the stethescope set in motion of a new age of medicine that succeeded in rendering the patient virtually irrelevant to the diagnostic process.

I listened intently to their ideas, mostly while jogging. Another "sigh" emerged from this reader towards the final chapters.

But these same large technological civilizations have also provided the wealth and leisure time to support philosophers and artists. The illustrations are delightful. The book ends on an optimistic node, but generally it offers strong critism of our belief in technology, and the view that future technologies will offer solutions, rather than more problems.

More Chronicle than Critique, but interesting nonetheless. He makes constant and poetic references such as ". Its been well over a year now after several dozen audio novels the little guy has now turned 18 months old. Of course, you could just ditch the second tape in the set and listen to the first cassette several times.

The popularizing context may be ignored. This particular edition is in a Hardcover format. Good history overview but The ability had a long gestation period, but once underway it has been unstoppable.

Highly recommend story for history enthusiasts A Customer on Jul 22, A succinct account of how throughout history technology hasled the human race down certain avenues to the exclusion of others,and how these paths further narrowed our destinies, and created further roads not taken.

I particularly liked the wide view of history. Burke and Ornstein call upon us to take care -- to avoid the "cut and control" concepts that separate people, ideas, scientific thought, emotional well-being, and society.

The axemaker's gift : a double-edged history of human culture

Or would have died of old age at 40, never having had the time and leisure to accrue the knowledge and experience to even worry about the ills of technology.The Axemaker's Gift has ratings and 18 reviews. Alan said: I really, really wanted to like this one. James Burke has one of the most incredible minds 4/5.

The host of the popular science series on public television, "Connections," and a psychologist trace the advantages and dangers of human inventions and argue that the time has come to turn away from specialized, technological knowledge. 35, first printing.

Hollerith Gift Computer Computers in ultimedescente.comry Computers for Civilians SABER Chapter Forward to the Past Presented by: Isis Damon & Lydia Pittman. The answers can be found in The Axemaker's Gift, an imaginative and brilliantly informed double-edged history of human culture.

James Burke, a leading expert on the interaction of technology and society, and Robert Ornstein, a pioneer in charting the evolution of consciousness, show how the interaction between innovation and the brain has.

The Axemaker's Gift: Technology's Capture and Control of Our Minds and Culture [Robert Ornstein, James Burke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

A detailed, original and persuasive reading of cultural and intellectual history. — Los Angeles Times.

The Axemaker's Gift A Double Edged History of Human Culture

A genuine tour de force. — San Francisco Chronicle/5(26). Man and Nature: The Spiritual Crisis in Modern Man Paperback – August 28, He closes with a chapter what can be done to correct the problem via the resacralization of nature as a reflection of the Creator.

Ken Wilbers Sense and Soul and Robert Ornstein's 'The AxeMakers Gift"/5(7).

The axemakers gift chapter 10
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