Salary is the most important factor

Something else to be taken into account is that highly-paid jobs tend to be stressful and involve long working hours. Which means you can use it to trade for other things. May be the employee turnover is significant in that company.

Dominic Cole September 20, at 2: I have seen on internet tons of depressed programmers who have no life. Indeed, most people would accept that the work environment is key to job satisfaction. After listening to me, my audience will understand and get new information about my chosen career.

See also how I vary the language in my examples: Counselors and other intervention programs had already This is then supported with two reasons.

The first point is… Something else to be taken into consideration…. My employment as a Nanny, while providing transferable skills is not This does not mean, however, that the salary is the only point to be taken into consideration when choosing a job.

On the one hand, I agree that money is necessary in order for people to meet their basic needs. As we all know good communication skills are the cornerstone of a successful career. If people chose their jobs based on enjoyment or other non-financial factors, they might find it difficult to support themselves.

Indeed, I would argue that there are a number of other factors that are equally significant. So, he negotiates to trade 3X of his salary for a larger holiday entitlement.

Fast food jobs may be seen as demeaning and very stressful jobs for minimum wage. Personally, I disagree with the idea that money is the key consideration when deciding on a career, because I believe that other factors are equally important. For example, we all need money to pay for housing, food, bills, health care, and education.

In which communication skills be essential to the task If you are working alongside people you like and the atmosphere in the office is positive, you are much more likely to be satisfied in your work.

It also uses some language from the body paragraphs to show the examiner that it is a logical conclusion; other factors such as job satisfaction and work environment are just as important. Also communication is the act of conveying information for the purpose of creating a shared understanding which is something that human do every day.

In this case, you may spend 8 hours a day being unhappy. Likewise, it is also critical that you actually enjoy what you do. Stick it in a retirement account. Note how simple and clear the structure is. Based on my interest in learning and the skills I possess, I have decided to choose the ERP analysis path.

According to Joyce, L. They like the OP and offer them 11X. Many people choose their jobs based on the size of the salary offered. I would choose to have more simple car but feel no stress.

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The OP only actually needs 8X from his job. The point is, the company cares about money. But only if they offer it to you in the first place. In reviewing my current resume, the shortcomings of my relevant work experience and 3. I think I am not alone.Salary is the most important factor in motivating employees Motivation plays a significant part in a company in the modern society because only if employees are motivated can they be more productive.

Salary is the most important factor for US job seekers. Salary and benefits are the two most important factors jobseekers look at when considering new positions, Glassdoor survey finds. Analytics. Chief Analytics Officer.

Human Capital & Careers. Caitlin Stanway-Williams. 26Jul. Article views. "the money is not most important thing, so we just pay just so the workers would not go to other companies" No experienced business professional believes these words.

I do not know the context, but, the actual meaning could be, "Dear employees, please let us know, if you want more. Should salary be the most important factor in choosing career?

Nowadays, many graduates consider salary as a key factor when they are looking for a job. They turn down many job opportunities due to low salary and set their minds to get a high-salary job.

The most important factor when choosing a job Workplace Careers 01 Oct Flexibility, co-workers and salary are the top concerns nominated by respondents to a new CPA Australia survey asking what attracts people to a job.

The most important factor when choosing a job

In summation, salary is not the most important factor in selecting a job. Aspects like job satisfaction, work life balance and ample opportunities of career growth also play a significant role in making a choice of one’s job.

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Salary is the most important factor
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