Presentational devices in chicken run essay

A low angle camera shot looks up at something and if the object or person is tall or large then they look powerful and superior. Conversely, long shots tend to emphasise the background or setting and are far away from the character.

‘Chicken Run’ by Nick Park - Assignment Example

The audience get the impression from this that she is moody and bitter about something, which we learn to know is lack of money. Close up shots are used by film producers to zoom in on a characters face to show emotions via their facial expressions.

The other chickens to seem to realise the exact predicament they are going to be in. Panning is used to follow a moving object or character, or to show more than can fit into a single frame, such as panning across a landscape.

I think this costume makes her seem innocent and reasonably calm. Costume, set, camera angle and music. The chickens are small in comparison to the wellington boots and this makes Mrs Tweedy look huge and powerful. The close ups give you an insight into what the person or chicken is thinking as well.

In films camera movements such as tracking, panning, steadicam, crane shot zoom, and their effect on the audience link the scenes smoothly together. Along with varied camera angles a lot of other presentational devices are found in the film. Similarly costume plays a big part in how characters are portrayed; it helps to display visually their thoughts, feelings, emotions or their culture.

The audience grasp from this the parallel again between the chicken farm and a POW camp and again the parallel between Mrs Tweedy and an evil German commander. Film makers use varied camera angles to add diversity and to show character emotions and their interactions with other characters.

It shows how cold and calculated Mrs Tweedy is as well because she has begun to try to feed them up because the fatter the chickens were the more money she would make from it. I think Peter Lord and Nick Park used this to show Mrs Tweedy is selfish and cares about what will be a self gain whereas Ginger constantly thinks of others and tries so hard to help.

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It uses chickens on a chicken farm to represent captured soldiers in a prisoner of war camp. This is shown when she stares into the whirling blade of the circular saw and her menacing face reflected in the blade is the only thing on the screen. We generally see Mrs Tweedy wearing a red dress, with a simple pattern embroidered into it, she has her hair pulled back into a bun and she looks like a Victorian school mistress, because of this she looks like a figure of high authority and shows that she controls the goings on in the farm.

Also a big close up is used occasionally to show depth in a character emotion, which adds the build up in tension. It is also used as a transition between one camera position and another.

This has an impact on the audience and their understanding of the film when watching, as it influences and persuades their thinking. The shot is also used when Ginger is looking at the poster of rocky and sees him flying this gives her the idea to try and fly over the boundary fence to escape.

The costume suits her nature down to the ground she looks prepared and always ready which she is for the multiple escape attempts she tries.

She in effect ruins the dress as on any other woman without such a masculine appearance it could appear dainty and quaint but due to her rigid posture and sharp face it looks frightening.

I am going to look at the following presentational devices and see how they are effective within the film: Mid angle shots show characters from the waist and can involve more than one chicken or person, it is also dubbed as the sociable shot as it is used to show character interactions.

Ginger intelligently quickly recognises this and immediately warns her companions about it. The chicken hutches are aligned like the huts of the prisoners captured and housed in a prisoner of war camp during the war; this immediately sets the scene of a light-hearted parody for the audience.Nick Park and Peter Lord use many different presentational devices throughout the film to convey the good and evil in both Ginger’s and Mrs Tweedy’s characters and their actions.

Looking at these two characters solely I will investigate the following presentational devices:. Presentational Devices Used in the movie "Chicken Run" Summary: How "Chicken Run" filmmakers use presentational devices to portray Mrs.

Tweedy as an evil character and Ginger as a good character. The filmmakers of Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal good and evil in the main characters of Ginger and Mrs.

Tweedy. In this essay, I am going to discuss the different ways in which Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy are portrayed.3/5(2). In this essay, I will explore how the film makers use camera shots, sound effects/music, lighting, language and other presentational devices to show how the Mrs.

Chicken Run

read more. Middle This makes the audience feel small and susceptible and the actor/actress seems powerful. Chicken Run - Sample Essay My essay is based on the film ‘Chicken Run’ and how the films makers use presentational devices to reveal good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs Tweedie in.

Presentational Devices in Chicken Run Chicken Run is an animated film about a group of chickens trying to escape from a chicken farm. The film is a spoof of the film 'The Great Escape' and as with that film there are characters, who represent good and characters who represent evil.

Presentational devices in chicken run essay
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