Oregon trail writing activity

They also have a food log they have to keep track of as well.

Oregon Trail Map: The Wagon Train of 1843

Oregon Trail Bucks for Students to Use at the General Store This is a very comprehensive packet that could easily be adapted and used for math as well. Beware of the river crossings. They then have to purchase supplies at the general store before leaving.

Oregon Trail

We have created an Oregon Trail Simulation Activity with lesson plans, resources, and worksheets in which students become travelers on the Oregon Trail! Visit our store for more great activities.

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Encourage your students to find class members with poster pieces near their own to create their masterpiece. The collaboration poster project is a perfect size to laminate. Examples of Hunting and Random Events Cards Included in the packet are some extra credit project choices including an iPod Touch activity that would have been helpful on the trail.

Oregon Trail Simulation Activity: An example of a hunting card would be: Watch your students have a blast while trying to make it to the Oregon Territory before supplies run out or before something tragic happens.

The collaborative poster features a writing prompt and brain friendly fun.


The activity is designed for students to communicate and work together. In addition to the beautiful collaborative poster, students will complete a Close Reading unit and activities. They can be dangerous too.

Danielle Knight and Shelly Rees have have teamed up to bring you this creative and skilled filled reading unit.

Oregon Trail Simulation Activity: Become a traveler on the Trail.

If you roll a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 then you missed. Oregon Trail Journal Oregon Trail Food Log The pages include an introductory scenario, a detailed lesson plan page for teachers to follow, pre-teaching activities, a vocabulary worksheet and so much more.

The Oregon Trail collaborative poster includes assembly instructions and helpful tips to make it even better! You will only need to print this one time per class! Your students will enjoy learning about the history and geography of the Oregon Trail with the components of this engaging, helpful resource!This week, tempt your kids to sit down and journal with these pioneer writing prompts.

1. Westward Ho! When pioneer families moved west, they packed only the most important belongings. Imagine your parents just sold your house and bought a covered wagon. The Oregon Trail. After reading Roughing It on the Oregon Trail, use these activities to extend pupils' learning about the 19th century and the American West.

This printable includes a timeline and suggested activities for language arts, geography, art, and social studies. they would have left the security of life in the East and tackled the Oregon Trail. Journal-Writing Students will learn to keep their own diaries to record their own “make believe” Oregon Trail experiences.

Oregon.) Activity Sheet Answer Keys Answer keys for pre-visit, on-site and post-visit activities, including the museum scavenger. Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, or it can be done in the classroom using only the A Pack Your Wagon activity list worksheet which can be used individually or for a to day five men direct from oregon they gave us the privelage of writing.

Our goal at Surviving The Oregon Trail is to provide helpful resources to benefit home school families, teachers and students in the areas of reading, writing, vocabulary, art, history, geography, homesteading, plant identification, emergency awareness and preparedness, self-defense, first aid and CPR, and last but certainly not least community!.

We desire not only to educate but also to build. Oregon Trail Teacher Resources.

Pioneer Writing Prompts

Find Oregon Trail lesson plans and worksheets. In this Oregon Trail map activity, students use the historical map of the Oregon Trail to help find the questions about the geography and topography of the map. Students also complete the story writing activity at the bottom of the sheet.

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Oregon trail writing activity
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