Literature review on autism spectrum disorders

The four prenatal risk factors that showed the strongest relationship included frequent maternal second-hand smoke exposure, chronic and acute medical conditions unrelated to pregnancy, maternal unhappy emotional state, and one or more gestational complications Hertz-Piccottio et al.

Hire Writer In broad terms, autism spectrum disorders is a group of developmental brain disorders, collectively called ASD.

Autistic spectrum disorder a child population profile.

The sensory integration approach aims to help children with autism improve their sensory processing and modulation. Children with autism have trouble with social interactions and find it difficult to engage in everyday social interactions.

Materials This study will be a single-subject design, where each participant serves as his or hers own control group.

Literature Review on Autism Spectrum Disorders Essay

In a study done by Koegel, Koegel, Hurley, and Freathe authors seek out to find a treatment to improve social skills in children with an ASD. Also included were newborn complications such as birth weight, delayed crying, and abnormal skin color due to an array of conditions such a hypoxia, apnoea, neonatal jaundice, and several other conditions Hertz-Piccottio et al.

Some individuals with autism practice certain stereotyped behaviors, such as lining up toys or moving a toy back and forth on a table. Improving social skills and disruptive behavior in children with autism through self-management.

Parent perspectives of occupational therapy using a sensory integration approach. In a study done by Agerbo et al. After the three week period of no therapy, intervention will be initiated and children will all receive sensory integration therapy.

Ascherio, Lyall, Pauls, Santangelo, and Spiegelman conducted a study to see if they could find any relationships between certain maternal early life factors associated with hormone levels and the risk of having a child with an ASD.

Reviews of Assistive and Adaptive Technology for People on the Autism Spectrum

Data was collected from these women, which included age of menarche first menstrual cyclecharacteristics of menstrual cycle during adolescence, use of birth control, specifically oral contraceptives, prior to have given birth, body shape, and body mass index BMI.

The treatment of autism is not a simple process. Another method of simplification that a therapist may use is discrete trial format. They tend to become obsessed with one particular subject, and will learn everything they can about the subject of interest. Maternal early life factors associated with hormone levels and the risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder in the nurses health study II.

Other risk factors for having a child with an ASD that have been studied include prenatal, or the period of time before the child is born, perinatal, or the period of delivery and immediately before and after delivery, and parental, or characteristics of the parents, factors.

In consideration to prior research in relation to autism and the treatment methods, the current study hypothesizes that sensory integration therapy will significantly improves grades and school performance in children with autism.

The following perinatal factors were investigated in this study: Children will receive this therapy within the school for six to eight weeks. Outcome of early intervention for children with autism. The sensory integration approach attempts to stimulate and challenge the senses of the individual being treated Cohn, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders,41, A great deal of research has been done to examine possible causes of and risk factors for this disorder.

The methods of this study included four children, all of whom were diagnosed with autism. There will be about total participants. The effects of occupational therapy with sensory integration emphasis on preschool-age children with autism.

The prenatal risk factors that were examined in this study included maternal characteristics and behaviors during pregnancy, alcohol consumption, smoking and second hand smoke exposure, exposure to X-rays, attempt to terminate pregnancy, contact with toxins, emotional state, disease history, and medication history Hertz-Piccottio et al.

This study assessed whether self-management could be used as a technique to improve extended responsiveness to verbal initiations from others, without the presence of a treatment provider.

Endosomal system genetics and autism spectrum disorders: A literature review.

They often have trouble learning to combine and integrating their different senses. An example of a stereotyped behavior might be a simple gesture of the arm that is repeatedly done by the child. In a study done by Werry, Dautenhahn, Ogden, and Harwinthe researchers developed a robotic agent that could help with therapy in children with autism.

Occupational therapists are trained in teaching every day skills to help the individual being treated live as independently as possible.The purpose of this literature review is to provide an overview of the research on sleep problems in autism spectrum disorder.

Topics explored are the prevalence of sleep problems, the importance. Endosomal system genetics and autism spectrum disorders: A literature review. Autism spectrum disorders Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative. i CBT and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Comprehensive Literature Review Sharon R.

Kincade, M.C.

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Literature Review of Autism and Deafness Individuals with a dual-diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and hearing loss constitute a population presenting unique considerations for audiologists.

Literature review on autism spectrum disorders
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