Essay on why i want to join the navy

I enlisted to service my Country, USA, for any assistance which is required of me. The Army has one way of explaining the reasons in the Army Values. Why did I join? No matter where you came from, you can now walk into a job interview with head high and realistically expect a callback.

Even as a reservist, I spent a good deal of time on active duty: After 2 years onboard, I did my courses and took the SK3 exam and made it. Military service, however necessary, admittedly is not for everyone and should not be viewed as such.

I joined the military to do something daring and exciting, while also learning to face my fears and stay in the fight. In the end this is a decision that should be made by the individual and if the values afore mentioned are how you want to live then the military may be the right decision for you.

MA2 Rosario, Gersom U. I have wanted to be of benefit to the USA since ; here is my chance. The point is that many people join to better themselves, serve and because they feel it is the right thing to do.

I have 1 more tour before I retire. So why should you join? The benefits and reasons for joining the military out weigh the reasons not to.

There have always been and will always be nations that further their own interests by dominating their weaker neighbors. There are numerous opportunities to take advantage of by going into military service. It is in the United States Military personnel.

None of us had any idea what we were doing in life. Growing up the only nerd in a tiny Oklahoma farm town where there were more livestock than people was agonizing -- boring at the least.

I want to live the life I had always read about in books. My overall Navy experience, I have really enjoyed my career path that I chose. Looking back, now being in the Navy for 11 years and going strong, I think it is the best thing I ever did in my life!

Among the things that I wanted to have were a nice house and a career. Perhaps it was just that doing something that was harder made me feel more pride in what I was doing.

Since the September 11,terrorist attacks on the United States, DOD has launched three major military operations requiring significant numbers of military servicemembers: Not to mention that someday, I might just like to go to college, and coming from a poor family These values are the reasons that many join the military in the first place.

I came in with a high school diploma and will leave this duty station with an accredited M. Today, despite the threat of going to war, is the most profitable time for an individual to join the military.

In any case, I am pretty sure that now I would have always felt, had I joined the other services, "Could I have succeeded in the Marines? I wanted to travel and learn a good trade.Apr 17,  · Why Should You Join the Military? Today joining the military is not a popular decision to make and understandably so.

With the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan more military personnel are needed but fewer are joining. So why should you join?

Today, despite the threat of going to war, is the most profitable time for an. Feb 14,  · First, the more accurate question is why I volunteered to go to Iraq. After all, I joined the Army a week after we declared war on Saddam's government with the intention of going to Iraq.

Now, after years of training and preparation, I am finally here.

What Made You Join the Military?

Joining the military essays "What's up bro? What grade are you?" A man dressed up in a military uniform approached Steven, waiting for his ride, one day.

"Oh no!" Steven thought to himself. He was about to graduate in a. So in this essay I will get into further details on to why the three main points as in to which I choose for this essay.

First off I joined the military. Apr 07,  · I need some input on my Naval Officer essay.? Most of my family has been in the military. I want to be just like them. Being in the military would better myself.

I try to be the best I can be; I try to take myself to the limit. it's all about yourself and why you want to join so you can make your family proud etc etc etc.

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It Status: Resolved. Why I joined the military. When I was younger, I was in love. I knew that I really didn't see myself in college, and I knew that I needed to provide for my new wife.

Essay on why i want to join the navy
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