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Jallikattumarks this day. Under Gradient stops, select the first gradient stop labeled as 1 in the diagram below. It is also called Surya Pongalwhy?

PowerPoint Template Displaying a Diwali Theme with Two Hands Painted with Various Colors

Alternatively, if you want to use a colored gradient or texture fill, click either Gradient fill or Picture or texture fill and choose the options you want.

To use the preset color, type, and direction gradients, click Preset colors, and then select an option. Adjust the Brightness as needed. This is the day when Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, the sixth Guru, was released from Gwalior fort along with 52 other prisoners.

Diwali is the beginning of the financial year for Indian businesses Diwali marks the end of the harvest season in India Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Then a war took place.

She fell in love with Ram and tried to get him to leave Sita. This year it falls on November 7th, He was born on the thirteenth day of Chaitra Celebration!!!: Find out more in All About Diwali!

To apply the gradient color to all of the slides in your presentation, click Apply to All. Ravan fell in love with Sita and did everything he could to take her from Ram. Onam Portrays the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

Do the same thing for any other gradient stops. Fast is way of celebration. Apply a gradient color to the slide background Right-click the slide thumbnail of a slide you want to add a gradient background color to and then select Format Background. Paryushan M ost celebrated festival of Jains.

Rakhi creates a spirit of selfless social service.Successfully reported this slideshow. Deepavali_presentation 12, views. Share; Like myhimachal. Follow Published on Oct 18, Published in: Spiritual, Diwali powerpoint Lehana Singh.

Diwali PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

Diwali presentation! Jayaben Patel. ultimedescente.com Want to send your own? You can also compose your own greetings using PowerPoint, upload to authorSTREAM privately, and send your custom slideshow as a "Diwali" greeting card for ultimedescente.com PowerPoint Slideshow about 'DIWALI' - bern An Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.

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Diwali for Sikhs and Hindus Lesson Teaching PowerPoint (1 member review) This teaching and task setting PowerPoint contains information about how Diwali is celebrated by both Hindus and Sikhs enabling children. Memorial template complete slideshow presentation for your PPT Template for Diwali presentations #diwali Deepavali or Diwali PowerPoint template is a free PowerPoint background that you can use celebrate Diwali Find this Pin and more on Seasonal PowerPoint Templates by Free PowerPoint Templates.

Diwali slideshow powerpoint
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