Average word count for a college essay

Visit the Wellesley www. For an example of this kind of prompt, check out essay Option B at Amherst: A paragraph usually deals with a single idea. Some topics require more explanation. For example, the University of Illinois says: So if you get a range from the institution like words, you need to write at least words.

For those of you still concerned about the literal word count: First, you might not be able to. In general, words or so is pretty safe for a college essay. I want to get your attention! Photo courtesy of Enokson. Commercial Writing Commercial writing breaks all the rules.

College Essays Figuring out your college essay can be one of the most difficult parts of applying to college. This is the shortest one so far, and it only uses 37 words. Consult with a parent, friend, or teacher on where you could elaborate with more detail or expand your points.

You go back and add as many words as possible to your existing sentences. However, most college essays have pretty tight word limits anyways.

The bigger picture here is to tell your own story as clearly and concisely as you can. Seek an additional illustration to support your argument? By basing the grade, even in part, on the number of words a paper contains, teachers communicate that excess verbiage is a good thing.

What if your poignant anecdote is just 10 words too long—or too short? You want to be loosely in the realm of words. Some colleges will actually tell you that exceeding the word limit by words is fine. How many words per paragraph?

The College Essay Word Count

We are particularly interested in your ability to construct a tightly reasoned, persuasive argument that calls upon literary, sociological or historical evidence.

Hey, writing about yourself can even be fun! Just long enough and no more. Admissions officers have to read a lot of them, after all! Typically, we anticipate a paper of pages will provide adequate length to demonstrate your analytical abilities. If you are attaching a document and you need one or two extra words, you can probably get away with exceeding the word limit a teeny tiny bitty amount.

You may also explain how this major relates to your future career goals. Bear in mind that your tutor will want to see some original thought, but will expect it to be motivated according to your reading Williams et al, If you exceed the word limit in a noticeable way, the admissions counselor may just stop reading your essay past that point.

On the other hand, having really long paragraphs might work for you, but not for your reader.

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Did I want to read them? The longest paragraph under this heading is only 61 words long. Admission officers prioritize content over quantity. The best college essay length is usually pretty straightforward: Generations of inspiring women have thrived in the Wellesley community, and we want to know what aspects of this community inspire you to consider Wellesley.

You just turned a simple eleven-word sentence into a sprawling forty-six worder. My colleagues have previously written blog posts encouraging students to draft essays in their everyday voiceand to avoid replacing normal words with cousins from the thesaurus.

Better safe than sorry!How long should a college essay be? Whether you’re a terse writer or a loquacious one, we can advise you on college essay length. In this guide, we'll cover what the standard college essay length is, how much word limits matter, and what to do if you aren't sure how long a specific essay should be.

The article shares anecdotes about how various college applicants struggle with reducing their college essay word count to words for the personal statement.

Of the students featured, many wrote essays that were or words and had to parse it down to Mine's nearly I guess there used to be a limit to words, so most would advise that you shouldn't exceed by too much. In most cases, a brilliant word essay is much better than a dull word essay, but try your best to.

How Many Words in a Paragraph?

Similarly, if you wrote a word piece you’re proud of but the maximum isplease don’t go line-by-line to delete extra words; instead, reconsider the scope of your essay, because you may have selected a larger topic than can be. The version of the Common Application has an essay length limit of words.

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Even though the essay prompts change regularly, this length limit has now been in place for four years. In andthe Common Application had a word limit, but many colleges that use the application thought that constraint was a little too short.

The College Essay Word Count By Lynn O'Shaughnessy on October 11, in Applying Today I wanted to pass along some advice about college essays from Bruce Hammond, a former high school counselor and the co-author of numerous Fiske Guides, including one on writing college essays.

Average word count for a college essay
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