An analysis of the traditions and wedding customs in chinese traditions

Success or failure of one member is seen to reflect on the whole family not just the individual. The dowry can be delivered a few days before the wedding, or it can be given on the betrothal day itself in conjunction with the return gifts.

Chinese Traditional Wedding

Traders hope that visitors may be wealthy and quite happy to pay an inflated price. Below is a Youtube video about a traditional Chinese wedding.

There will usually be three different dresses for the bride for nowadays. The white dress with veil is worn during the ceremony. The entire household would be waiting to receive her. Spitting is a cultural tradition, it was considered unhealthy to swallow spittle and so spitting is something that still occurs particularly in rural areas.

There are certainly a lot of rituals. Most of the foods commonly served were symbolic -- a whole fish would be served because the word for fish, yu, sounds like the word for plenty, meaning a wish for abundance.

If nothing inauspicious happens during that time, they would have an astrologer assess it for compatibility. As per the customary, it is said that this practice gives hope on the fertility of the couple and will make them produce an heir soon.

The banquets are to thank family and friends for the kindness they have shown throughout the years. This custom signifies both of their advent into adulthood.

The Nuptial Chamber Immediately after the ceremony, the couple were led to the bridal chamber, where both sat on the bed. People who look and behave well will receive better service than those who do not.

On the night of the wedding day, there was a custom in some places for relatives or friends to banter the newlyweds. This process is not seen as unfair because everyone uses it.

There are usually six courses during the banquet, and both the bride and groom change will clothing between the third and sixth courses. Moreover, the gloom parents give the gift with money to their daughter-in-law and son after drinking tea because this gift would encourage them to have children as soon as possible.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Customs You Need To Know- Teochew/Hokkien

The groom, also in a red gown, would kowtow three times to worship the heaven, parents and spouse. A Westerner who is used to immediately making a complaint has to go about it in a different way.

Then an auspicious date is chosen for the official wedding.

Chinese marriage

The Celebration Wedding Banquet The parents of the bride and groom would often host separate wedding feasts. Chinese people may well be keen to develop their English with you. This was considered the formal introduction of the families. It is usually used at the banquet.

Finally, the bride and groom would bow to each other -- completing the ceremony.

6 weird and wonderful Chinese Wedding traditions

Thirdly, and most fun for the bridesmaids, he may to pay up. Chinese weddings in the Los Angeles area create beautiful photos and memories that last a lifetime. Lamps are also placed beside the bed to signify the wish for birth of sons.A post ritual for Chinese wedding traditions and customs happens after the day of the wedding.

The bride should wake up early to honor ancestors of the groom's family. The idea is to "tell" the ancestors there is a new family member in the groom's family.

Ancient Chinese Wedding On the arrival of the sedan at the wedding place, there would be music and firecrackers.

Ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions

The bride would be led along the red carpet in a. Through comparative analysis between Chinese traditional marriage customs and American’s marriage customs, it can be drawn out that traditional culture plays a leading role in them like marriage values and.

Chinese Traditional Wedding In the different culture, there are many different customs and traditions in festival celebrations. Wedding customs are one of the most representative and symbolic customs in revealing the differences.

Continuing our Traditional Chinese Wedding Customs series, today we’ll bring you the wedding customs for Teochew and Hokkien weddings. In most ways, traditional Chinese wedding customs are the same; the order of bridal gifts that are exchanged between the 2 families, fetching the bride, tea ceremony etc.

Traditional Chinese marriage (Chinese: 婚姻; pinyin: hūnyīn), as opposed to marriage in modern China, is a ceremonial ritual within Chinese societies that involve a union between spouses, sometimes established by pre-arrangement between Chinese culture, romantic love and monogamy was the norm for most citizens.

Wedding rituals .

An analysis of the traditions and wedding customs in chinese traditions
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